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15 Bestselling Amazon Products That We Can’t Live Without, From Fabric Shavers to Drawer Organizers

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Sometimes going on Amazon feels like being dropped into the middle of a labyrinth blindfolded. What direction are you supposed to go? What turn is the right one? How will you ever know if the decisions you’re making are the right ones? We’ll stop with all of the metaphors and instead lead you along our most-trusted path: browsing the site’s bestsellers list.
Browsing this page is like taking a shortcut to narrow down the perfect gift, gadget or new can’t-live-without find. The ranking of products with the highest sales is made even simpler by being divided by category and updated hourly, so you know that whenever you’re perusing the pickings, you’re seeing what’s hot in real-time. These lists quash decision-making shopping anxiety in a flash.
The biggest perk of picking something from the bestseller list is you know the product is a game-changer and totally worth the hype. With tens of thousands (and, commonly, hundreds of thousands) of reviews, you know other buyers have put it through the paces, and have given it their honest stamp of approval. And while we don’t necessarily recommend giving into peer pressure, we know that trusting the masses on a purchase is never a smart thing to do. Below, we chopped down the thousands of offerings to a few that we think will make the biggest difference in your life. From coffee makers to drawer organizers, these gizmos are going to change your life.
Courtesy of Apple
Slip an AirTag in your handbag, another on your phone and a third in your wallet, and rest assured that you’ll never be left crawling the floor of your apartment looking for a missing accessory again. Forgetful folks should get the four-pack . And they attach to stylish key rings for even easier carrying!
Courtesy of Furtalk
Five reasons we love this beanie : it’s super thick and warm for this horrid winter that’s upon us, the pom pom is detachable (scream!), it comes with an extra fluffy replacement, it can stand up straight or slouch back depending on how you wear it, and it comes in a huge variety of colors.
Courtesy of Amazon
Fire TV is an excellent alternative to Roku or limiting streaming that’s on an iPad or laptop. Watch movies and tv shows from every streaming service around (including free ones, like Tubi) and stream music as well, all managed with a callout to Alexa. Did we mention it’s now 50 percent off?
Courtesy of Keurig
Tuck this mini coffee genie away on your work desk or on the tightest corner of your counter without taking up a ton of much-needed space. A must for coffee aficionados who lack space, this compact Keurig machine comes in red, black, teal and a dusty pink.
Courtesy of Crocs
The iconic perforated rubber clog has gone from a staple for chefs and nurses to a fashion essential, with brands like Balenciaga and Christopher Kane collaborating. For something easier on the wallet, go for the classic Croc, available in a range of colors.
Courtesy of Oxo
Any obsessive baker will tell you that going even one ounce off in liquid measurements can throw your recipe, so a spot-on, top quality measuring jug like this one from OXO is key. The angled spout shows clear measurements from above for supreme convenience.
Courtesy of Mangopop
Reviewers rave that the soft, stretchy material of this top makes it fitted without any uncomfortable squeezing. This turtleneck bodysuit from Mangopop comes in lots of colors and patterns (hello, leopard print) and is an excellent winter layering staple that doesn’t move around under layers of knits and coats.
Courtesy of Conair
To look polished, wearing a sweater that has excessively pilled or wool leggings fuzzier than your pet just doesn’t cut it. Enter this $25 fabric shaver that tops Amazon’s bestseller list: charge, point it at the fuzzy bits and never leave home looking frumpy again. Use it on furniture to spruce up corners or arm rests so they
Courtesy of iHealth
If there is one thing we really can’t live without these days, it is a digital infrared thermometer to dispel our do-I-have-Omicron worries. A massive 98,000 users gave it five stars on Amazon, and that is a solid guarantee of accuracy and functionality. The massive 64 percent price cut is an added bonus.
Courtesy of Pipishell
We all love a good drawer organizer, but this innovative device takes it a step further with its expandable capabilities . Use it to make sense of cutlery while somehow keeping a chic look in the storage space.  Opt for this color, white or a woodsy yellow, and use it in the kitchen, office or even as a jewelry organizer.
Courtesy of Levi’s
There are a plethora of denim brands we love, but Levi’s trumps the others in terms of fit and sizing options—these mid-rise jeans come in standard or plus size, in three different lengths (short and crazy tall women, say hallelujah!) and it doesn’t stretch too much with wear.
Courtesy of Amazon
Ditch your basic (and probably breaking) hangers you’ve had for decades for these velvet non-slip Amazon hangers . The velveteen flocking grips even the silkiest shirts and they are super space-saving compared to bulky hangers.
Courtesy of Rubbermaid
Rubbermaid makes the absolute best food storage containers , compared to other brands that easily break, leak and don’t look as chic. The airtight and locking closure is ideal for keeping produce fresh for as long as possible, and will expand the shelf life of your fav foods by days, if not weeks. Note that they also come in large, tall sizes for dry storage of flour, rice and beyond.
Courtesy of The Gym People
According to enthused Amazon reviewers, these affordable workout leggings are the bomb: thick, comfy, supportive, smoothing and stretchy. What’s more, the pockets are deep and secure enough to hold a water bottle.
Courtesy of Lodge
Not only does this Le Creuset dutch oven dupe come in a rainbow of gorgeous shades, it also comes in a range of sizes, from 1.5 all the way up to 7.5 quarts. An all-in-one pot, use it to simmer meat, veggies and even baked goods on the stove and then pop into the oven to finish.

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