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2022 Gibtown Trade Show Wrap up

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The 2022 Gibtown Trade Show is just around the corner, and Omicron is in the final stages of preparing for this industry event. The preparations have been a hectic time for everyone, but in this day and age, the outdoor events industry has proven its creativity and resilience. And with that, The Show Must Go On. Here are some of the industry’s biggest challenges to face. Continue reading to learn about the industry’s future in 2022!

The Beast Comes at Midnight

The Beast Comes at Midnight is a new feature film that is set in a small town near the Florida state fairgrounds. The movie is produced by Ed McKeever and directed by Robert Masciantonio and stars Michael Ashley McKeever, Kylissa Katalinich, and Robert Bronzi as Andras the Hunter. The story is an adaptation of the classic tale of the boy who cried wolf, and revolves around a young podcaster who becomes a werewolf and attacks his town at the full moon. Nobody believes him, but only two people do.

The Beast Comes at Midnight is scheduled for February 15-18, 2022 in Gibtown, Georgia, with dates slightly later than normal. In 2022, the trade show will be held from February 15-18, a week later than normal. Unlike previous years, this show will be open all seven days of the week, despite the short notice. Once the film has been released in film festivals, McKeever is confident that the trade show will generate interest from a wide range of audiences.

Bitter Souls

A new film set in the small town of Gibsonton, Tennessee, is set to begin production this year. The Beast Comes at Midnight is a supernatural horror movie starring Michael Pare and Eric Roberts. It tells the story of a teenager who believes a werewolf is responsible for unsolved murders. It’s sort of like Monster Squad meets the Goonies. McKeever and production partners have decided to make a sequel to the movie, with the next film tentatively scheduled to begin later this year.

Wolf Boy

The Wolf Boy is about to celebrate his 83rd birthday, and in anticipation of the show, he has added two new accomplishments to his repertoire. Five years ago, he became a published author, with four books to his name, and four years ago, he became a craftsman. He also began building boats. With these new experiences, the Wolf is on the brink of wrapping up the 2022 Gibtown Trade Show in grand style.

The Omicron event occurred during the final stages of the 2022 Gibtown Trade Show, putting many of the exhibitors and attendees under immense stress. However, the industry’s creativity and resilience was rewarded as the show went on regardless of the calamity. A recent spike in the Omicron level, which has been associated with volcanic activity, helped the industry recover from its setback. Once again, the Gibtown Trade Show was a success, with over 300 exhibitors anticipated in Gibsonton.

The film was a surprise hit, with audiences cheering its title and cast. The Wolf Boy will be featured in a second movie based on the cult classic, The Beast Comes at Midnight. It will be set in modern-day Florida and tell the true story of Gibsonton sideshow workers, a town that grew up around a huge sideshow. Aside from hosting annual sideshows, Gibsonton was also a hub for sideshow workers, attracting a diverse population.

Future movies in the Gibsonton Cinematic Universe

The first installment of the Gibsonton Cinematic Universe will be The Beast Comes at Midnight, with a second movie in the works for later this year. The story is a fictional one set in modern times, but is based on the true story of Gibsonton sideshow workers. The community was a center for sideshow workers, and annually hosted the Florida State Fair sideshow. This film will highlight the lives and hardships of these men and women.

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