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Bowl Game Scores

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Bowl Game Scores

While analyzing the bowl game scores can be a confusing task, it is crucial to know what teams are doing in the upcoming game. The following is a look at the latest bowl game scores. The teams that won each game are listed alphabetically and their record is highlighted. For a full list, go here. You can also use this information to find out which teams were the most impressive during the previous season. This information is crucial for anyone following the college football season.

Coastal Carolina won its first ever bowl game. In the Tailgreeter Cure Bowl, Coastal Carolina beat Northern Illinois. The game was tied at the half when time expired, but the Gamecocks came away with the victory. However, there was another upset: Boise State was shut out of the Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl because of program issues. In Charlotte, N.C., South Carolina upset North Carolina, despite being a nine-point favorite.

Notre Dame missed the College Football Playoff and will play in the Fiesta Bowl. The win will determine whether Americans will be able to get their fill of coconut shrimp or bloomin’ onions for free. The Nittany Lions are looking to get back on track with another win after finishing middle of the pack. Baylor’s loss to Notre Dame was one of the most frustrating losses in school history. But if the Gamecocks win the Cotton Bowl, it would be a positive sign for both programs for the upcoming season.


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