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Cheapest Cities To Live In

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Cheapest Cities to Live in America

If you’re looking for an affordable city to live in, you’ve probably wondered where the cheapest cities in America are located. While you may have been thinking about moving to a smaller city, there are several reasons why living in the U.S. is so affordable. For example, rents in McAllen, Texas, average $700 a month, 42% less than the national average. This city is a popular tourist destination for people who love birds and is located just 70 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

While Saint Petersburg, Russia, is among the cheapest cities to live in, many people in remote workers’ home countries think Paris is the best deal. Mercer’s Cost of Living survey analysed data from 209 cities in five continents and measured the cost of 200 items. The cheapest city was Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, while the second cheapest was Lusaka, Zambia. In addition, Tbilisi, Georgia, is among the cheapest cities in the world. Five of the top ten cheapest cities in the world are located in Africa, with no North American destinations making the top 20.

While housing costs in the U.S. are relatively high, they’re still considerably lower in Anniston. This city in the state of Calhoun is an hour’s drive away from Birmingham and is home to the largest office chair in the world. The area is home to many historical buildings and architectural structures, including the world’s largest office chair. However, unlike most of its neighboring cities, Anniston is affordable due to lower home values. Anniston residents pay over 40 percent less than the average American.


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