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David Parr Coin Trick

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David Parr Coin Trick Revealed
This new edition of David Parr’s bestselling magic book contains all-new, updated techniques and props, a
complete script, and printable props. This coin trick features two stunning, eye-popping effects:
psilocation reverse. The blindfolded performer is able to change the coin in a way that is completely
impossible for the spectator to guess. Learn the twisted science behind this powerful coin trick and wow
your friends!

Dinner with the Borgias
This book by full-time professional magician David Parr presents eight routines. These are based on his
real-life experiences and include psychology, deviousness, humor, weirdness, and sound advice. Presented
in the context of routines and effects, Practical Realities teaches readers to apply what they learn in a
practical way. Throughout the book, you will find many examples of how David has used these concepts
in his work.
Paper Prophecies
The author of two bestselling books about magic, David Rubenstein and Proof Positive, magician David
Parr is widely recognized for his unique style and writing skills. In addition to writing three books, he has
created many illusions and lectured across the US
and even performed at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.
His paper prophecies book is now available in ebook format. Paper prophecies is a great introduction to
magic, and you can learn how to perform a prediction effect with special props directly from the book.
Dan Sperry’s macabre coin trick
Illusionist Dan Sperry is something of a cross between David Copperfield and Marilyn Manson. His first
act impresses the audience with a pleasant magic routine involving live birds. Later, in the second act, he
crosses over into PG-13 spooky theatrics. During one performance, an audience member shoved a quarter
into Sperry’s eye socket.
The performance requires a large room to perform. The audience was tapped for volunteers who were
then able to be part of the illusion. An Ha Lim’s card tricks were captured on an LED screen while Dan
Sperry wore gothic make-up.
In addition to Dan Sperry’s macabre coin trick, the show also included card
tricks and a live audience member’s participation.
The anti-conjuror was an impressionist at an early age. Dan spent years watching magicians, including
David Copperfield, who began his show with a spinning saw trick. His tricks have won him acclaim. But
are they truly worth it? This video interview looks into the pros and cons of performing this trick. The
show is not for the faint-hearted. Whether you’re looking for an eerie or spooky show, The Anti-Conjuror
will leave you spellbound and breathless.

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