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Dubois County Free Press

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Dubois County Free Press

Dubois County Free Press is a small publishing company in Huntingburg, Indiana. They produce a variety of newspapers, mostly for the print market. Their focus is on covering the people, places, and events of the county. The newspaper has been in operation for 11 years. It has two employees at its single location and generates approximately $100,000 in annual revenue.

Dubois County is a county in Indiana

Dubois County is a county located in the state of Indiana. As of 2010, the county has a population of 41,889 and is part of the Jasper Micropolitan Statistical Area. The county is known for its small, family-friendly communities and its burgeoning food and beverage industry.

There are a variety of resources available to those researching local history in Dubois County. The Dubois County library and county records office contain a variety of local histories, including government, church, and military information. You can also search local newspapers for genealogical information. Newspapers may contain obituaries, birth and death notices, family gatherings, and business announcements. Newspapers may also contain probate court proceedings. These records are kept by the circuit court and county clerks and are available at the Dubois County courthouse.

Dubois County is a rural county in Southern Indiana that is approximately 120 miles from Indianapolis. Its county seat is Jasper. The county was first settled by the Shawnee and Short Piankishaw Indian tribe. Before the American Revolution, the county was part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Then, Congress declared the area the Northwest Territory, which included the current State of Indiana. In 1787, the Indian tribes’ claim to the land was terminated in the Treaty of Greenville.

Newspapers: Publishing Only, Not Printed On Site business

Dubois County Free Press is a small business located in Huntingburg, Indiana. It primarily engages in the publishing business. Its mission is to serve the community and its advertiser by providing news and information without political or commercial pressure. This newspaper has high readership and is a trusted source for local news.

Highlights the people, places, and events of this county

Dubois County is an Indiana county that is home to 41,889 people. It is a part of the Jasper Micropolitan Statistical Area. Its government is a constitutional body with specific powers granted to it by the Indiana Constitution. This county has many things to offer visitors. Its residents can enjoy antique shopping, specialty and art galleries, and great local cuisine. In addition to being a popular destination for vacationers, it also has numerous family-friendly festivals and events. It is also home to 19 historic churches that are over a century old.

Dubois County was created in 1811 when three counties merged to form it. It was named for Toussaint Dubois, a Frenchman who fought in the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Tippecanoe. He lived in the city of Vincennes and died in the Little Wabash River.

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