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How to Care For a Wooden Phone Case

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How to Care For a Wooden Phone Case

When it comes to cleaning your wooden phone case, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should use a microfiber cloth because it will absorb the dirt without scratching it. Second, use rubbing alcohol to remove any sticky or solid material. The alcohol will also dissolve any residue or grease that is on the case.

Stiffness determines protectivity

Wooden phone cases are often stiff. The stiffness coefficient is a measure of the stiffness of a material. It measures the resistance of a material to force, and changes with progressing strain. For example, a wood phone case with high stiffness will resist a force much faster than one with low stiffness.

One of the biggest threats to phones is water damage, and this is particularly true for wood phone cases. When exposed to water, the wood’s finish will degrade, causing the case to tear apart. In addition, it will become brittle and discolored if exposed to high temperatures.


While wood phone cases are beautiful pieces of art, they are not indestructible. In fact, they are very susceptible to moisture, sunlight, and decay. Though most are protected with sealants to keep out moisture, direct sunlight and moisture can break down the sealant and cause your phone case to warp or scratch. That’s why you must protect your phone case when it’s not in use to avoid damaging it.

One of the most important factors when choosing a wood phone case is its durability. While wood is very durable, it is still fragile, so you must be careful not to drop it. Phone cases made of wood should be protected from high heat and direct sunlight. Heat can damage wooden phone cases and can even break the adhesives used to make them.


When you’re buying a wooden phone case, look for one that is made with quality materials. Koa wood, for example, is extremely durable and is sustainably harvested from the Big Island. It is then expertly sliced into thin veneers and backed with thick paper. These veneers are then laser engraved and cut to custom shapes. They are then adhered to the back shell of the phone case.

In addition to looking beautiful, these cases are also eco-friendly and will encourage you to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. They are also customizable and can be personalized with engravings and digital prints.


While wood phone cases are beautiful, they can also be expensive. While the cheaper, commodity cases will cost as little as $15, wood phone cases are more expensive, ranging from $35 to $45. Inlays and custom laser engraving can drive the price up significantly. Wood cases also require more work – they must be sourced, milled, and assembled manually. Many makers only produce a limited number of cases a year, so you might have to wait a while to get your hands on a case.

Koa wood is sustainably harvested from the Big Island and crafted into thin veneers. Each veneer is then backed with thick paper to maintain the integrity of the wood and prevent warping. Afterwards, each veneer is laser-engraved with a custom design and adhered to the back of the phone cover shell.

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