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How To Get The Secret Badge In Find The Markers

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How to Get the Secret Badge in Find the Markers

If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you’ve likely been wondering how to get the secret badge in Find the Markers. There are four areas that you can visit to get the badge: the Abandoned city, the Space biome, the Washable Kingdom, and the Merchant Marker. If you’ve been struggling to complete them, here are some tips that can help you.

Space biome

To get the secret badge in the Space biome, you have to find two items. The Martian Marker can be found in the Space biome, while the Old Marker can be found in the Olde Shop. You can access the old marker by using the side of a shelf. You can also find the Periwinkle Marker near the flower patches of the Washable Kingdom.

Abandoned city

The Abandoned City has four markers that you need to find to unlock the secret badge. To find the first one, turn towards the Clock Tower and hug the side of the staircase. To find the second marker, you must complete a short obby, and then touch a platinum box in the Abandoned City.

Washable Kingdom

The Washable Kingdom is a location in Roblox. You can get there by climbing the transparent trusses that are located throughout the map. When you reach the top of the second ladder, you will be transported to the Washable Kingdom. The map of the Washable Kingdom contains a flower field, swamp, marketplace, castle, and mountain with rooms. Using the Candyland Update, this area also has a new tower to climb.

Merchant Marker

There are many ways to find the markers in Roblox’s Find the Markers game. This hidden object game is based on the battle for dream island web series. The creator of the game has permission to use some of the characters and props from the series. The game’s objective is to find markers, which are secret locations, and follow clues to get them.

Potion Marker

If you are trying to get the potion marker secret badge in Find the Markers, there are a few things that you will need to do. In the first place, you need to understand the game’s mechanics. Rather than going through a straight route and clicking on random markers, you need to go around to all of the locations to see what each marker does. This will help you find the marker more easily.

Winning Marker

One of the greatest challenges in the game Find The Markers is to get the secret badge. This badge will give you a unique look and is a great way to make your character stand out. This badge can be obtained through completing various tasks.

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