Friday, August 12, 2022

Is K-Y Krispy Kreme Lube a Genuine Product?

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It is not listed in K-Y’s collection of lubricants on the company’s websites, nor could we find it among the doughuts and other merchandise available on Krispy Kreme’s.  When we reached out to K-Y for comment, we were told that this image was “fake,” and that the company did not sell a K-Y Krispy Kreme lubricant.

After this article was published, we received an email from Brian Lambeth “confessing” that they were the creator of this K-Y Krispy Kreme lube image. As evidence, Lambeth shared a screenshot with us of this image being created in Photoshop, a link to the original post on their Facebook page back in June, and noted that the image contains a creative watermark (their social media handle “Dankstick” can be seen in bar code). Lambeth said:
“I wanted to fess up as the creator of the lube image … I made this on National Doughnut day as a joke and posted to my own Facebook page in June this year. I’m from Winston-Salem, NC – the corporate headquarters for Krispy Kreme. I’m exposed to a great deal more of KK’s advertising because of that. Anyway, all in good fun.”


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