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Memphis Shooting Today

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Memphis Shooting Today

Police in Memphis are investigating a shooting that happened in the city’s southeast section this morning. Officers responded to the shooting at Lamar Avenue and Shelby Drive just after 7 a.m. and found a man dead on the scene. Police have not identified any suspects, but are asking anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH. In the meantime, you can learn more about what you can do to help police.

Mallory Morgan, 27, was found dead with gunshot wounds in her car

Mallory Morgan was found dead with gunshot wounds in a midtown Memphis parking lot. Police are investigating. The shooting occurred around 12:34 a.m., and no suspects have been identified. However, the Memphis Police Department has asked the public for help in the investigation. Anyone with information about the murders or who knows where the suspects are can contact Crime Stoppers.

Sergeant Mullins said that Ms. Williams’s body was lying on the floor with her legs crossed. She was slumped over Ms. Roberson’s legs were exposed. Her pants were also covered in blood. Police also found crack cocaine in a clear plastic bag on her leg. It is still unclear why Ms. Roberson had crack cocaine in her car, but it is still suspected a suicide attempt.

Police are awaiting additional equipment to get into the vehicle of the shooter

The latest update from the Collierville, Tennessee, shooting is not good. Police are still waiting for additional equipment to get into the suspect’s vehicle. A student was injured and multiple people are dead. The shooting took place on Thursday afternoon, just 35 miles east of Memphis. Several police agencies and local officials are on the scene, and they are waiting to get additional equipment to search the suspect’s vehicle.

A 911 caller told dispatchers that the shooter had crashed his grandmother’s pickup truck outside the school, shot two people, and then fled the scene in a white SUV. A 911 caller reported seeing a gun in the vehicle. At 11:40 a.m., Ramos entered the school through a west-side entrance. He walked through the hallways to reach the classroom where he opened fire. By 11:45 a.m., police arrived at the school.

The first 911 call came at 11:20 a.m., when the shooter shot a grandmother in the face and fled to his pickup truck. He then crashed the vehicle in a nearby ditch. A neighbor called 911, indicating the gunman’s presence. As a result, the suspect’s vehicle had been located. Police are still waiting for additional equipment to enter the shooter’s vehicle.

24 officers and deputies were injured

Twenty-four officers and deputies were injured in the shooting today. The incident happened when officers responded to a domestic violence and aggravated assault call. As a result of the shooting, both suspects were taken into custody and will face charges. Mayor Marco McClendon has put all officers involved on administrative leave. The investigation is ongoing. The alleged shooter has not been identified.

The incident has sparked protests across the city. As police officers arrived to the scene, more protesters began gathering. The Shelby County sheriff’s deputies and Memphis police officers were wearing riot gear to help control the situation. As protesters continued to hurl rocks and objects at police officers, several police cars were vandalized. During the incident, a concrete wall outside of a business was torn down. Police then used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident. One deputy was transported to the Regional One Medical Center in critical condition and another was taken to a nearby hospital. Memphis fire officials confirmed that an officer-down call was placed in a South Memphis neighborhood. As the news media gathered outside the Regional One Medical Center, Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies addressed the media. The multi-agency gathering was meant as a show of solidarity and support.

Moneybagg Yo is not believed to have been shot to death

Despite widespread reports to the contrary, rapper Moneybagg Yo is not believed to have died in the shooting in Memphis. He was last seen alive on Instagram, posting a video of himself showing off a brand new white carpet. However, the rumor that he was shot to death in the shooting has since died down. Aside from this, Moneybagg Yo has a number of other projects out, including his latest, 43va Heartless, which debuted at number four on the Billboard 200.

Although the cause of the shooting is still under investigation, the motives of the shooters remain unclear. There was also a previous incident of gun violence in Memphis in 2017, when a sprinter van carrying Moneybagg Yo was targeted. A similar shooting incident happened in Mississippi in 2016. A state representative has also called for a citywide curfew. According to police, Moneybagg Yo was not the target of the shooting today, and the shooters were not able to reach him to confirm that.

According to reports, the shooter was a member of the CMG label, and had a long history of violence. The rapper’s family is investigating the incident. After the shooting, many people gathered on Joy Lane and Airways Boulevard in Memphis. Many of the witnesses documented the scene on social media, including a photo of the camouflaged Corvette that Young Dolph was driving. Various rumors about other rappers from Memphis circulated on social media about their possible involvement in the shooting.

Brandon Webber was shot up to 20 times before dying in his family’s front yard

After ramming into the police cars, Mr. Webber exited the vehicle and retrieved a weapon. However, preliminary reports have not indicated that he attempted to use the weapon against the officers. Webber was shot at least 20 times, family members have said, before he succumbed to his injuries. In addition to Webber, two other victims were also killed during the incident.

After the fatal shooting, several U.S. Marshals Service agents were able to shoot Webber multiple times before he died in his family’s front yard. The shooting shook the community and prompted protests. Residents hurled rocks and insults at the officers in riot gear. They also smashed a police vehicle with chairs.

The mother of the victim, Passion Anderson, brought her 13-year-old son to the scene of the crime. She said she was worried about her son’s safety since she moved to the neighborhood in November. Her son was a high-achieving student, and she taught him how to play the piano and draw. She also tried to launch a rap career.

The police officer said he fired shots at Webber when he pointed the pistol at them. However, the police officer did not know if Webber had fired any shots. The photos of the front of the F-150 truck and the right front panel of the Infiniti indicate bullet holes. Webber’s body is covered in 20 or more bullets, and the police vehicle and unmarked pickup truck are riddled with bullets.

Curfew to be implemented after shootings

After the fatal shooting of rap artist Young Dolph, State House District 91 Representative London Lamar has called for a city-wide curfew. The shooting occurred outside a popular cookie shop in Memphis. The location was boarded up Wednesday night. While no arrests have been made in the shooting, police have asked that the public remain calm. Mayor Strickland has not yet announced a curfew.

Mayor Jim Strickland says a city-wide curfew is not being considered, despite the widespread call. While a curfew will help curb crime, a citywide curfew won’t solve targeted murder. This type of crime would require a police intervention in between groups, and this was not the case in Memphis. Therefore, Memphis Police will be increasing their presence in hot spots.

Johnson has also ordered a curfew on Saturday and Sunday nights, limiting access to the bars around Old World Third and Water Street. The curfew was not immediately enforced, but the city expects the measure to be approved in the coming days. Minors under the age of 18 would be exempted from the curfew if they’re in the company of an adult.

On Friday, a third shooting happened, involving an unknown person. The victim, a 20-year-old Milwaukee man, is expected to survive the shooting. Police are searching for an unknown suspect. The curfew is in place until Sunday evening, and authorities have announced a curfew for the downtown area. The Milwaukee Bucks have cancelled a game-night fan watch party, and the local authorities are putting the spotlight on crime prevention.

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