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Merit Store Locator – How to Find a Merit Medical Store Locator

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Merit Medical is a leading manufacturer of proprietary disposable medical devices for
diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional procedure
s in cardiology, urology, radiology,
oncology, and critical care.
The company values understanding its customers and developing
products that improve their lives. Through a store locator, customers can find the nearest Merit
Medical location in their area. Interested in learning more about Merit Medical? Read on! Here
are some helpful tips to get started.
Merit Medical is a leading manufacturer of disposable medical
Merit Medical Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of disposable medical equipment. The
company designs and manufactures products for cardiovascular, peripheral intervention, and
spine procedures. In addition to providing medical devices, the company also manufactures
items for non-competing medical device companies. For example, it manufactures specialized
control syringes for the treatment of expanding strictures from malignant tumors.
Since its founding in 1987, Merit has consistently expanded its business and has continued to
experience above average growth. Merit has doubled in value in the last five years and
maintains a market cap of over $3 billion US dollars.
Today, Merit has a global distribution
footprint and employs more than 6,000 people worldwide. The company has expanded its
presence in Africa and is now offering its entire range of products.
The company’s recent expansion plans are good news for the state of Utah. It will create up to
1,010 jobs in the state and provide $505 million in new capital investment. It will be located on
a 12-acre site, southwest of Beltway 8 and north of Shadow Creek Ranch. The facility will be
118,000 square feet with space for two hundred and twenty employees. Merit plans to invest
the remainder of the proceeds in a new facility in Pearland.
The company also sells its products to American hospitals. It serves customers in 60
countries. Merit has headquarters and manufacturing plants in South Jordan, Utah, and
Angleton, Texas, as well as a distribution center in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Its rapid
growth has led to over 50 patents and three acquisitions in 1999. Merit Medical Systems Inc.
has expanded rapidly and is currently the leading manufacturer of disposable medical devices.
Among its investments are companies in the semiconductor, biomedical, and consumer
healthcare sectors. Merit’s recent acquisitions include Sentir, Inc., which was founded by Fred
Lampropoulos in September 1991. Its prospectus stated that the company’s mission was to
develop micro-machining technology. Sentir supplied Merit with a number of silicon-based
products. The acquisition was a major step towards vertical integration for Merit. Merit Medical
bought 72 percent of Sentir for $177,000 in 1994.
Founded in 1978, Merit Medical is one of the leading providers of brachytherapy and
localization technologies
. It recently launched a small, optimized reflector designed for lymph
node placement. The company’s commitment to continuous innovation is apparent in the
success of the SCOUT Bx Delivery System. The SCOUT Bx Delivery System reduces trauma
to healthy tissue. Merit Medical continues to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.
As a leading supplier of circulatory support devices, Abiomed manufactures a variety of
devices for improving blood flow and pumping. Abiomed’s CEO, Michael R. Minogue, has
focused his efforts on improving native heart recovery. Founded in 1981 with a vision of
creating the world’s first artificial heart, the company is dedicated to bringing advanced
technology to patients. When it comes to advancing medical technology, the company has an
impressive track record.
It has stores in the United States

Founded in 1981, Merit is a manufacturer of diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones. They
purchase these raw materials in their purest form and process them to create finished goods.
They assemble and market these products in-house. Their retail outlets serve Independent
Jewelers and Regional Chains. They also distribute their products through their website. Their
retail stores are currently located in Los Indios, TX.
Dave Best was a member of the OEM group at Merit for eight years before joining the
company’s customer service division. He worked as a hospital sales customer service
representative before moving into the company’s OEM department. In 2016, he was named Sr.
Director of OEM engineering. Previously, he was in charge of customer service for the
company’s hospital sales department. In his new position, he oversees the customer service
group for all OEM products.
It has a professional development program
If you’re looking for a professional development program, you’ve come to the right place. The
Merit America program offers part-time bootcamps to help you land the job of your dreams.
Programs are offered throughout the country, and participants receive one-on-one career
coaching and weekly squad meetings. Graduates also benefit from a dedicated placement
team and only pay when they land a job.

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