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New York Weather Forecast – Hot and Humid Today and Next Week

The New York City weather forecast for today and the coming week is hot and humid. No precipitation will fall in New York City today, but there is a chance of some heavy thunderstorms Wednesday night and Thursday. A few cooling centers will be open through Wednesday. The heat index will be high in the mid-90s Wednesday. The temperature in Rochester will reach ninety degrees. In addition, the New York City Triathlon will be cut short.

Cooling centers will be open in New York City through early next week

With the heat wave in full swing, city officials have made it a point to create cooling centers across the city. These places are generally public spaces like libraries, senior centers, and other places where people can go to cool off. Several centers have been set up and are open through early next week. The hottest days are usually accompanied by higher temperatures, which causes more people to seek out indoor cooling.

The city’s emergency management department is opening cooling centers Sunday to keep residents cool during the heat wave. The temperatures are forecast to hit the mid-90s throughout the five boroughs, with the heat index hitting 100 degrees. Residents are also encouraged to seek shade and stay indoors where possible. The city is also planning to open its cooling centers in senior centers, libraries, and other NYCHA facilities.

New York City Triathlon shortened due to heat wave

The New York City Triathlon kicked off Sunday but portions have been shortened due to the heat wave. The cycling portion will now be 12.4 miles, while the running portion will be 2.5 miles. In addition, the race will have hydration stations more frequently spaced along the course. Despite the short course, over two thousand people registered to compete. The heat wave has impacted other races in the city, too, including the Boston Marathon Relay.

Because of the excessive heat wave, the New York City Triathlon has been shortened due to safety concerns. The swim portion will remain a mile, while the bike leg will be 12.4 miles and the running portion will be 2.5 miles. The race was originally scheduled for 24.8 miles, but the heat wave has forced organizers to shorten those distances to ensure safety. The water temperature was nearly 80 degrees at race start, making it difficult for many athletes to continue. Even so, officials are prepared to keep the athletes cool despite the shorter distances.

Rochester Airport reaches 90 degrees with heat index pushing into 90s

A massive heat wave is threatening much of the country this week. The Rochester-Finger Lakes area is poised to reach dangerous levels, with a heat index of 105 degrees. That’s two degrees below the record for the day, but the most intense heat this year in the area since June 10th. Listed below are a few ways to stay safe while outdoors. But the biggest risk?

On Monday morning, temperatures are hazy, hot, and humid. The high temperature on Monday is expected to reach 95 degrees. Expect a similarly humid and warm night. Heat will persist into Tuesday morning, with scattered showers and highs in the 90s. Until then, the Rochester region will continue to experience uncomfortable temperatures. It’s time to start packing your bags. Fortunately, temperatures will cool off a bit over the next few days.

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