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Pandya Store Written Update

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The upcoming twist of the plot of the pandya store is outlined in this article. We are informed
that Anita had committed an error when she was caught in the entrance of the police. We also
learn that Gautam has been asked to return to his residence after winning the business
competition. This story continues as our main characters face a series of obstacles in the
business world. Read on to find out more about the plot and the characters in this article.
Anita confesses her errors in entrance of police
Anita Smithey’s attorney played the 911 tape in court, opening the door for the prosecution to
use an admission about Anita’s self-injury as evidence. Anita’s supporters say the defense
erred in the case. But the defense’s attorney has a point. If the confession were true,
prosecutors must reverse her conviction. If not, her attorney can still raise the issue at appeal.
Gautam requested to return residence
During the episode, the characters of Gautam and Dhara are trapped in the Pandya store’s
godown, where Dev is stranded. The client apologises to them, but Gautam isn’t convinced. He
continues to look at the different stocks, but gets stunned by what he finds. Meanwhile, the
two characters of Rishita and Suman, who were sitting on the floor, also find Dhara. The two of
them get into an argument, and Dhara gets angry at them for this.
Earlier, in the episode, Gautam and Dhara are trying to decide whether to choose the child of
the retailer Dhara or his own.
They cannot agree because Dhara is the real mother of the
baby. However, Suman is insisting that they return the baby to its real parents. In fact, they
were unable to decide between them because the mother was a nurse and they were both
busy running the store.
Dhara, in turn, tries to convince Gautam to stay with his mother. However, this fails and the
firemen get worried. However, the two brothers agree to go back to the store to help Dhara.
However, it isn’t long before the fire destroys everything in the Pandya house. The brothers
are reunited after the fire, and Dhara is reunited with her family.
Dev then visits the store and withdraws the money. However, it turns out that the bank was
closed for 3 days due to holiday. He then shows the papers to the money lender and tells him
that he will give it to him after three days. In the meantime, Kamini comes to Janardhan’s
house and yells at her to leave. Kamini tells him to go home and pay the money.
Dhara and Gautam meet again. Gautam recalls his support and affection to Dhara before his
marriage, and he tries to convince her to return home to his family.
Dhara is also relieved by
this news. After he apologizes to her, he signs the form. Later, Raavi and Rishita enter the
room and offer comfort to the couple.
Rishita wins business competition
The plot of the Star Plus serial ‘Rishita Wins the Pandya Store’ revolves around Shiva and
Rishita competing for the same business. Shiva is in a bid to renovate the old Pandya Store
while Rishita wants to run a supermarket. Rishita is confident of winning the competition as
she is educated and speaks English well. The competition is quite entertaining, and the
audience gets hooked to the storyline.
Shiva and Rishita’s relationship is not without its drama. They fall in love after Gautam reveals
that his wife has died in a road accident. They fall in love, and Rishita starts a shop in his
place. However, Shiva isn’t interested in joining Rishita’s business, as he is jealous of
Rishita’s success.
Shiva taunts Rishita when she arrives at the Pandya’s house. Rishita enquires about Gautam’s
health, and Rishita tries to win the competition. Meanwhile, Dhara worries about the growing
gulf between Shiva and Rishita. Eventually, Rishita wins the business competition and
becomes the next big businessman.

After winning the competition, Rishita is excited. She calls Janardhan to tell him the news. He
is surprised, and she tells him about her dreams. Janardhan asks her what she did to win, and
Keerti tells him the story about Rishita
. Janardhan is disappointed, but Keerti convinces him
not to lose hope and offers sweets to everyone.
Upcoming twist in plot of pandya store
Pandya Store has been airing on Star Plus since 25 January 2021. It is a high-voltage drama,
and fans can’t wait for the twists and turns that are in store. Here’s what we know about the
upcoming twist in the plot so far:
The Pandya Store written update is the latest news and spoiler of the show’s next episode.
The episode starts on 25 January 2021, and you can also watch it digitally on Hotstar.
It stars
Shiny Doshi as the title character, and it is based on the Tamil television series Pandian
Stores. The show follows the lives of a middle-class family in the town of Somnath, where the
Pandya store is their only source of income. Gautam is the father of the household, while his
wife, Dhara, is the mother of three younger siblings.
The story follows Shiva, who has just joined a class two days prior. He is ridiculed by the
understudies, but the educator assures him that he is prepared to take the test. The questions
are related to what he has been learning in the past two days. Shiva is then given the test.
However, during this time, two ladies visit the Pandya Store. They say that the Raavi Pandya
family is becoming richer. The women also start to focus on Rishita’s shop, causing him to
become upset.
The upcoming twist in the plot of the popular Indian serial “Pandya Store” has left fans
anxiously waiting for the next episode. The show’s cast is currently shooting in Somnath. The
next episode will focus on Shiva and Raavi’s relationship. The next few weeks will feature a
revealing twist that will bring the series to a close. But what is the twist?

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