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Plastic Postcard Benefits For Home Service Companies

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If you are planning to send out postcards, it would be wise to go for plastic ones. They have many benefits, including high return on investment, durability, customizability, and easy retention. Here are some of them:

High Return on Investment

Direct mail is a proven method for building brand awareness and driving sales. While paper postcards are usually tossed as soon as they hit the mailbox, plastic postcards are more likely to be kept. Not only do they look better, but they feel more valuable. Many feature pop-out cards or critical tags that link directly to your Point of Sale system. They also come with variable messaging and images and can track call volume.

Plastic postcards to market your business is more affordable than most direct mail options. Unlike traditional natural mail methods, you can embed images and addresses to increase customer conversion rates. And because they are mailed directly to targeted consumers, your campaign is more secure than ever. Your mail will arrive at its destination without problems, thanks to magnetic stripe encoding. Furthermore, they can be used as a cost-effective alternative to print advertising, which often has a higher return on investment.


The durability and longevity of plastic postcards make them ideal for outdoor use. Available in two standard sizes with rounded corners, they are printed in full color on a 20-point thick white plastic stock. You can choose to have the artwork printed on both sides of the postcard or on one side. Plastic postcards are also available in frosted or clear plastic. In addition to offering a durable mailing medium, plastic postcards also come with rounded corners for a high-quality look.

Plastic postcards are highly durable and can be personalized and addressed. They are often made of the same durable composite plastic as a credit card, with a glossy overlaminate. In addition, personalized variable data printing will increase the response and ROI. Aside from plastic postcards, die-cut cards and key tags can also be attached to the postcard, making it even more attractive. These plastic postcards are an ideal mailing option for businesses that want to impress prospective customers.


Consider customized mail if you’re looking for an innovative way to reach out to your customers. Plastic postcard mailers are an excellent way to get your message across without the expense of printing and mailing expensive paper. These mailers are also customizable to your specifications, making them an effective alternative to traditional mail methods. You can choose from many options to customize your plastic postcard mailers, including paper stock, images, and text. Some of these postcards are also available with double-sided printing.

Many plastic postcards can be customized with key tags or wallet card combinations. You can also add barcodes, QR codes, variable data, scratch-off areas, and magnetic stripes. In addition, you can choose optional mailing services to save on postage costs. And, of course, you can add your company’s logo and artwork to your plastic postcards. 

Easy to Retain

Among all forms of advertising, direct mail is the most effective. Its visual impact and tactile nature make it more memorable than other forms of advertising. With plastic postcards, you can create a great first impression, introduce your business and retain a steady flow of new clients. In addition, its simplicity and ease of use make it an excellent choice for home service companies. 

If you’re sending plastic postcards to prospective customers, consider personalizing the design with a personalized link to a landing page or a special deal. This personalization will increase the likelihood of your audience retaining the message. In addition, customized postcards are more likely to be controlled by the recipient. They’re easy to maintain and easy to customize. You can tailor your messages to target your audience’s demographics.

Easy to Track

When you use plastic postcards for direct mail, you can create a customized link to your landing page, include a personalized offer, or even include the name and address of the customer. These customized features increase response rates and help you gain and retain customers. The key to using this marketing tool is knowing which message to send, to whom, and at what time. You can make these mail pieces a powerful marketing tool with the right approach and design.

The biggest benefit of using plastic postcard mailers is their proven response rate. Consumers remember the last advertiser 75% of the time, while only 44% of digital brands are remembered. So, in addition to promoting your website address, they can double your message and boost your bottom line. The savings you make on your plastic postcard mailings can be reinvested in your digital marketing strategy.


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