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The Original Barbershop and Quintessential Barbershop

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Greg Sysoyev, owner of the Original Barbershop in New York City, opened the shop in October
2015 with the goal of bringing classic barbershop culture back to the East Village
and Lower
East Side.
His mission is to recreate the atmosphere of an old-school barber shop while using
the latest technology. The barbershop features two old-style barber chairs and an extensive
collection of vintage and collectible items to spur conversation.

Old school flavour with a new school twist
Greg Sysoyev and his team have brought the old school flavour of a barbershop to the historic
Lower East Side and East Village in New York. Their menu consists of classic gentleman’s
haircuts and beard trims, as well as products and services for men’s watch grooming. From
haircuts to hot towel shaves, the original barbershop has something for every man.
Offers classic gentleman’s cuts
If you’re looking for a barbershop that offers a classic cut, you’ve come to the right place.
Located on Lexington Avenue, between 73rd and 74th streets, Paul Mole Barber Shop has
been serving men for over 105 years. With a staff that’s as passionate about the service as
they are about the craft, you’re in for a treat.
Founder and owner, Adrian Wood, is a real
gentleman, wearing a dress shirt with a monogram at the cuffs. A “gentleman’s cut” at Original
costs $38, and a full-on beard wash costs $98.
Has two old style barber chairs
Two of the most common styles for a barber’s chair are the classic and the modern. Modern
barbers’ chairs offer comfort and durability for hours of use. The Original barber shop in
Brooklyn, New York, has two old-style barber chairs. The Roosevelt barber chair was inspired
by chairs made by Theo Kochs in the 1920s. It features a 360 degree swivel, reclining
backrest, thick padding and a heavy-duty hydraulic base. These barber’s chairs hold up to 660

Antique barber chairs have many advantages. They are very affordable and appeal to a broad
range of customers. Whether they are from the 1800s or the 1920s, an antique barber chair is
a valuable addition to any home. If the barber’s chair is in poor condition, restoration may
improve its functionality and aesthetics. To ensure authenticity, make sure to check out the
restoration of the barber’s chairs.
The oldest of the barber’s chairs is the Koken. Koken patented the joystick side lever that
barbers used to operate it. The popularity of the Koken chair soon made it an essential part of
barbershops nationwide. In fact, it’s been estimated that over 10,000 barber shops in the U.S.
purchased these chairs every year. In contrast, most modern barber shops have more than one
chair and multiple stylists.
The original barber shop in Brooklyn, New York, has two antique barber chairs, both from the
The Koken barber chairs have a porcelain base and a tufted leather seat. These chairs
are worth anywhere from $300 to $1,100. These barber chairs have been restored and are
very rare. These chairs are also expensive, and can be difficult to find. So, if you have a
barber shop in Brooklyn, you may want to invest in an antique barber chair.
Has an array of collectible and aged items for conversation
The Quintessential Barber Shop features two classic barber chairs, as well as a curated
collection of aged and collectible items. The barbershop provides services for both men and
boys, including shaves and cuts. Customers can also enjoy a conversational environment by
viewing the collection of antiques and decorative items displayed throughout the shop. The
original barber shop is located at 66 Broadway, Suite 3A, in Brooklyn, NY.

Is like therapy
Having a barber at the Original hair studio is similar to getting counseling. A barber
establishes a bond with his or her clients, and then searches for behavioral patterns that relay
emotional distress. Barbers often see these behavioral patterns in physical behavior or in
stories of day-to-day activities. Barber counseling is an ongoing process, and new information
is always welcome. It helps both the client and the barber improve their lives.
The conversation can help men clean up their emotional and physical baggage. Barbers are
used to talking about their lives on the barber chairs.
Beyond the Shop training allows the
barbers to go even deeper into these conversations. One of the most famous barbers in film
history, Matt Dillion, shared his story about being depressed and divorced. He later sought
counseling and remarried. He credits his barber for saving his life.
The original barber shop can be compared to therapy in a lot of ways. Barbers play a critical
role in African American communities. Many barbers have acknowledged that they act as an
informal therapist. In addition to providing essential services to the community, barbers must
be good counselors and confidants. If we are to live in a society that places so much
importance on mental health care, we must make sure barbers are as supportive as possible.
The Confess Project is a mental health organization in Chicago, which trains barbers on crisis
intervention and suicide prevention. Lewis and his team also have a database of resources
and services that they can refer to customers seeking counseling or therapy. These programs
are not mandatory, but they do make a difference. The Confess Project has a number of
programs to help people who want to get help. Its founder, Lorenzo Lewis, credits his barber
with helping him deal with his mental health woes.

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